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middlev trans v USA: mɪ'dʌ·l UK: mɪdl
middleadj USA: mɪ'dʌ·l UK: mɪdl
middle agesexp USA: mɪ'dʌ·l eɪ'ʤʌ·z UK: mɪdl eɪʤɪz
middle classexp USA: mɪ'dʌ·l klæ's UK: mɪdl klɑs
middle coursenoun USA: mɪ'dʌ·l kɔː'rs UK: mɪdl kɔːs
    1. The middle course is the best one.
        1. Legjobb a (az arany) középút.
middle deckexp USA: mɪ'dʌ·l de'k UK: mɪdl dek
middle earexp USA: mɪ'dʌ·l iː'r UK: mɪdl ɪər
middle eastexp USA: mɪ'dʌ·l iː'st UK: mɪdl iːst
middle fingerexp USA: mɪ'dʌ·l fɪ'ŋgəː· UK: mɪdl fɪŋgər
middle / in the -adv USA: mɪ'dʌ·l ɪ'n ðiː· UK: mɪdl ɪn ðiː
middle / in the - of sthexp
middle lanenoun USA: mɪ'dʌ·l leɪ'n UK: mɪdl leɪn
middle phalanxexp USA: mɪ'dʌ·l feɪ'læ·ŋks UK: mɪdl fælæŋks
middle schoolnoun USA: mɪ'dʌ·l skuː'l UK: mɪdl skuːl
middle watchexp USA: mɪ'dʌ·l wɔ'tʃ UK: mɪdl wɔtʃ
middle whiteexp USA: mɪ'dʌ·l hwaɪ't UK: mɪdl waɪt
middle-browadj UK: mɪdlbraʊ
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