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parceladv USA: pɔ'rsʌ·l UK: pɑsl
parcel of liesexp USA: pɔ'rsʌ·l ʌ·v laɪ'z UK: pɑsl ɔv laɪz
parcel outv USA: pɔ'rsʌ·l aʊ't UK: pɑsl aʊt
parcel postnoun USA: pɔ'rsʌ·l poʊ'st UK: pɑsl poʊst
parcel upv USA: pɔ'rsʌ·l ʌ'p UK: pɑsl ʌp
gift parcelexp USA: gɪ'ft pɔ'rsʌ·l UK: gɪft pɑsl
registered parcelexp USA: re'ʤʌ·stəː·d pɔ'rsʌ·l UK: reʤɪstəd pɑsl
spot parcelsexp USA: spɔ't pɔ'rsʌ·lz UK: spɔt pɑslz
red cross parcelexp USA: re'd krɔː's pɔ'rsʌ·l UK: red krɔs pɑsl
part and parcel of sgexp
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