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pitv trans v USA: pɪ't UK: pɪt
pit against syexp USA: pɪ't ʌ·ge'nst saɪ'
pit against syv USA: pɪ't ʌ·ge'nst saɪ'
pit of the stomachexp USA: pɪ't ʌ·v ðiː· stʌ'mʌ·k UK: pɪt ɔv ðiː stʌmək
pit sy against syexp USA: pɪ't saɪ' ʌ·ge'nst saɪ'
pit sy against syv USA: pɪ't saɪ' ʌ·ge'nst saɪ'
pit-a-patv intrans v UK: pɪtəpæt
pitchnoun USA: pɪ'tʃ UK: pɪtʃ
pitchnoun USA: pɪ'tʃ UK: pɪtʃ
      1. That was a good pitch! (baseball)
          1. Jó dobás volt! (baseball-ban)
    1. naut
    1. music
      1. Here you can customize the pitch of the bell.
          1. Itt lehet beállítani a csengő hangmagasságát.
  1. techn
    1. The ship pitched up and down in the rough seas.
        1. A hajó fel-alá bukdácsolt a viharos tengeren.
pitchv intrans v USA: pɪ'tʃ UK: pɪtʃ
    1. My bike hit a stone and I was pitched onto the road.
        1. Miután ráhajtottam egy kőre, a bicajomról az útra zuhantam.
pitchv trans v USA: pɪ'tʃ UK: pɪtʃ
  1. rare
    1. During this time public opinion was excited to the highest pitch.
        1. Ez alatt az idő alatt az általános izgalom a tetőpontra hágott.
    2. Supporters are not allowed to run into the football pitch during the match.
        1. A szurkolók nem szaladhatnak be a pályára a futballmeccs alatt.
    3. We pitched our tents under the trees on the seaside.
        1. Sátrainkat a tengerparti fák alatt vertük fel.
pitch a tentexp USA: pɪ'tʃ eɪ' te'nt UK: pɪtʃ eɪ tent
pitch and tossexp USA: pɪ'tʃ ʌ·nd tɔː's UK: pɪtʃ ənd tɔs
pitch inv intrans v USA: pɪ'tʃ ɪ'n UK: pɪtʃ ɪn
pitch intov intrans v USA: pɪ'tʃ ɪ"ntʌ· UK: pɪtʃ ɪntuː
pitch it strongexp USA: pɪ'tʃ ʌ·t strɔː'ŋ UK: pɪtʃ ɪt strɔŋ
pitch offv trans v USA: pɪ'tʃ ɔː'f UK: pɪtʃ ɔf
pitch outv USA: pɪ'tʃ aʊ't UK: pɪtʃ aʊt
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