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pourv intrans v USA: pɔː'r UK: pɔːr
pourv trans v USA: pɔː'r UK: pɔːr
pour cold water onexp USA: pɔː'r koʊ'ld wɔː'təː· ɔ'n UK: pɔːr koʊld wɔːtər ɔn
pour forthv trans v USA: pɔː'r fɔː'rθ UK: pɔːr fɔːθ
pour inv intrans v USA: pɔː'r ɪ'n UK: pɔːr ɪn
pour / it's -ing with rain.exp USA: pɔː'r ʌ·ts ɪ'ŋ wʌ·ð reɪ'n
pour offv trans v USA: pɔː'r ɔː'f UK: pɔːr ɔf
pour oil on troubled watersexp USA: pɔː'r ɔɪ'l ɔ'n trʌ'bʌ·ld wɔː'təː·z UK: pɔːr ɔɪl ɔn trʌbld wɔːtəz
pour onv trans v USA: pɔː'r ɔ'n UK: pɔːr ɔn
pour outv intrans v USA: pɔː'r aʊ't UK: pɔːr aʊt
pour outv trans v USA: pɔː'r aʊ't UK: pɔːr aʊt
pouringnoun USA: pɔː'rɪ·ŋ UK: pɔːrɪŋ
pouring outexp USA: pɔː'rɪ·ŋ aʊ't UK: pɔːrɪŋ aʊt
pouring wetexp USA: pɔː'rɪ·ŋ we't UK: pɔːrɪŋ wet
it's pouring with rain.exp USA: ʌ·ts pɔː'rɪ·ŋ wʌ·ð reɪ'n UK: ɪts pɔːrɪŋ wɪð reɪn
it is pouringv USA: ʌ·t ʌ·z pɔː'rɪ·ŋ UK: ɪt ɪz pɔːrɪŋ
rain / it's pouring with - .exp USA: reɪ'n ʌ·ts pɔː'rɪ·ŋ wʌ·ð UK: reɪn ɪts pɔːrɪŋ wɪð
it is pouring with rainexp USA: ʌ·t ʌ·z pɔː'rɪ·ŋ wʌ·ð reɪ'n UK: ɪt ɪz pɔːrɪŋ wɪð reɪn
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