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primev intrans v USA: praɪ'm UK: praɪm
prime costexp USA: praɪ'm kɔ'st UK: praɪm kɔst
prime cutexp USA: praɪ'm kʌ't UK: praɪm kʌt
prime ministerexp USA: praɪ'm mɪ'nʌ·stəː· UK: praɪm mɪnɪstər
Prime Minister's Officeexp USA: praɪ'm mɪ'nʌ·stəː·z ɔː'fʌ·s UK: praɪm mɪnɪstəz ɔfɪs
prime moverexp USA: praɪ'm muː'vəː· UK: praɪm muːvər
prime numberexp USA: praɪ'm nʌ'mbəː· UK: praɪm nʌmbər
prime / the - ministerexp USA: praɪ'm ðiː· mɪ'nʌ·stəː· UK: praɪm ðiː mɪnɪstər
prime the pumpexp USA: praɪ'm ðiː· pʌ'mp UK: praɪm ðiː pʌmp
prime timenoun USA: praɪ'm taɪ'm UK: praɪm taɪm
primevaladj USA: praɪ·miː'vʌ·l UK: praɪmiːvl
primeval forestnoun USA: praɪ·miː'vʌ·l fɔː'rʌ·st UK: praɪmiːvl fɔrɪst
PM (Prime Minister)exp USA: piː'e'm praɪ'm mɪ'nʌ·stəː·
in one's primeexp USA: ɪ'n wʌ'nz praɪ'm UK: ɪn wʌnz praɪm
past one's primeexp USA: pæ'st wʌ'nz praɪ'm UK: pɑst wʌnz praɪm
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