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sweepv intrans v USA: swiː'p UK: swiːp
sweepv trans v USA: swiː'p UK: swiːp
sweep alongv trans v USA: swiː'p ʌ·lɔː'ŋ UK: swiːp əlɔŋ
sweep asidev trans v USA: swiː'p ʌ·saɪ'd UK: swiːp əsaɪd
sweep awayv trans v USA: swiː'p ʌ·weɪ' UK: swiːp əweɪ
sweep byv intrans v USA: swiː'p baɪ' UK: swiːp baɪ
sweep downv trans v USA: swiː'p daʊ'n UK: swiːp daʊn
sweep nettingexp USA: swiː'p ne'tɪ·ŋ UK: swiːp netɪŋ
sweep offv trans v USA: swiː'p ɔː'f UK: swiːp ɔf
  1. figurative
sweep off his feetv USA: swiː'p ɔː'f hʌ·z fiː't UK: swiːp ɔf hɪz fiːt
sweep outv trans v USA: swiː'p aʊ't UK: swiːp aʊt
sweep overv intrans v USA: swiː'p oʊ'vəː· UK: swiːp oʊvər
sweep pastexp USA: swiː'p pæ'st UK: swiːp pɑst
sweep roundv intrans v USA: swiː'p raʊ'nd UK: swiːp raʊnd
sweep , swept , sweptexp USA: swiː'p swe'pt swe'pt UK: swiːp swept swept
sweep sy off his feetexp USA: swiː'p saɪ' ɔː'f hʌ·z fiː't
sweep sy off his feetv USA: swiː'p saɪ' ɔː'f hʌ·z fiː't
sweep the boardexp USA: swiː'p ðiː· bɔː'rd UK: swiːp ðiː bɔːd
sweep upv trans v USA: swiː'p ʌ'p UK: swiːp ʌp
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