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tastenoun USA: teɪ'st UK: teɪst
tastev trans v USA: teɪ'st UK: teɪst
tastev intrans v USA: teɪ'st UK: teɪst
taste budnoun USA: teɪ'st bʌ'd UK: teɪst bʌd
taste ofnoun USA: teɪ'st ʌ·v UK: teɪst ɔv
taste one's tonguev USA: teɪ'st wʌ'nz tʌ'ŋ UK: teɪst wʌnz tʌŋ
tastefuladj USA: teɪ'stfʌ·l UK: teɪstfəl
tastelessadj USA: teɪ'stlʌ·s UK: teɪstləs
tastelessnessnoun UK: teɪstləsnəs
  1. figurative
tasternoun USA: teɪ'stəː· UK: teɪstər
foul tasteexp USA: faʊ'l teɪ'st UK: faʊl teɪst
a taste ofnoun USA: eɪ' teɪ'st ʌ·v UK: eɪ teɪst ɔv
a taste of sgexp
matter of tasteexp USA: mæ'təː· ʌ·v teɪ'st UK: mætər ɔv teɪst
people of tasteexp USA: piː'pʌ·l ʌ·v teɪ'st UK: piːpl ɔv teɪst
sense of tastenoun USA: se'ns ʌ·v teɪ'st UK: sens ɔv teɪst
sense of tasteexp USA: se'ns ʌ·v teɪ'st UK: sens ɔv teɪst
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