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thrustv intrans v USA: θrʌ'st UK: θrʌst
thrustv trans v USA: θrʌ'st UK: θrʌst
thrust atv trans v USA: θrʌ'st æ't UK: θrʌst ət
thrust awayv USA: θrʌ'st ʌ·weɪ' UK: θrʌst əweɪ
thrust backv trans v USA: θrʌ'st bæ'k UK: θrʌst bæk
thrust back the doorexp USA: θrʌ'st bæ'k ðiː· dɔː'r UK: θrʌst bæk ðiː dɔːr
thrust bearingnoun USA: θrʌ'st be'rɪ·ŋ UK: θrʌst beərɪŋ
thrust forwardv trans v USA: θrʌ'st fɔː'rwəː·d UK: θrʌst fɔːwəd
thrust intov trans v USA: θrʌ'st ɪ"ntʌ· UK: θrʌst ɪntuː
thrust one's hands into one's pocketsexp USA: θrʌ'st wʌ'nz hæ'nz ɪ"ntʌ· wʌ'nz pɔ'kʌ·ts UK: θrʌst wʌnz hændz ɪntuː wʌnz pɔkɪts
thrust one's nose intov USA: θrʌ'st wʌ'nz noʊ'z ɪ"ntʌ· UK: θrʌst wʌnz noʊz ɪntuː
thrust oneself forwardexp USA: θrʌ'st wʌ"nse'lf fɔː'rwəː·d UK: θrʌst wʌnself fɔːwəd
thrust oneself throughexp USA: θrʌ'st wʌ"nse'lf θruː' UK: θrʌst wʌnself θruː
thrust oneself uponexp USA: θrʌ'st wʌ"nse'lf ʌ·pɔ'n UK: θrʌst wʌnself əpɔn
thrust sg down sy's throatv
thrusternoun USA: θrʌ'stəː· UK: θrʌstər
rocket thrustnoun USA: rɔ'kʌ·t θrʌ'st UK: rɔkɪt θrʌst
the thrust got homeexp USA: ðiː· θrʌ'st gɔ't hoʊ'm UK: ðiː θrʌst gɔt hoʊm
cut and thrustexp USA: kʌ't ʌ·nd θrʌ'st UK: kʌt ənd θrʌst
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