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truckv trans v USA: trʌ'k UK: trʌk
truckv intrans v USA: trʌ'k UK: trʌk
truck cropsexp USA: trʌ'k krɔ'ps UK: trʌk krɔps
truck drivernoun USA: trʌ'k draɪ'vəː· UK: trʌk draɪvər
truck farmnoun USA: trʌ'k fɔ'rm UK: trʌk fɑm
truck farm / gardenexp USA: trʌ'k fɔ'rm gɔ'rdʌ·n UK: trʌk fɑm gɑdn
truck farmingnoun USA: trʌ'k fɔ'rmɪ·ŋ UK: trʌk fɑmɪŋ
truck systemnoun USA: trʌ'k sɪ'stʌ·m UK: trʌk sɪstəm
truck trailernoun USA: trʌ'k treɪ'ləː· UK: trʌk treɪlər
truck (usa)noun USA: trʌ'k yuː'e'seɪ'
truckagenoun UK: trʌkɪʤ
truckdrivernoun UK: trʌkdraɪvər
truckernoun USA: trʌ'kəː· UK: trʌkər
truckingnoun USA: trʌ'kɪ·ŋ UK: trʌkɪŋ
trucklev intrans v UK: trʌkl
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