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warpv trans v USA: wɔː'rp UK: wɔːp
warp ballexp USA: wɔː'rp bɔː'l UK: wɔːp bɔːl
warp beamnoun USA: wɔː'rp biː'm UK: wɔːp biːm
warp drawernoun USA: wɔː'rp drɔː'r UK: wɔːp drɔːr
warp endnoun USA: wɔː'rp e'nd UK: wɔːp end
warp eyenoun USA: wɔː'rp aɪ' UK: wɔːp aɪ
warp framenoun USA: wɔː'rp freɪ'm UK: wɔːp freɪm
warp of the mindexp USA: wɔː'rp ʌ·v ðiː· maɪ'nd UK: wɔːp ɔv ðiː maɪnd
warp protectorexp USA: wɔː'rp prʌ·te'ktəː· UK: wɔːp prətektər
warp rollerexp USA: wɔː'rp roʊ'ləː· UK: wɔːp roʊlər
warp sateenexp UK: wɔːp sətiːn
warpagenoun UK: wɔːrpeɪʤ
warplanenoun USA: wɔː'rpleɪ"n UK: wɔːrpleɪn
on the war-pathexp USA: ɔ'n ðiː· wɔː'rpæ"θ UK: ɔn ðiː wɔːpɑθ
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