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commissione toponomasticaundef
copia commissionem noun
per commissione di qlcuundef
assassinio su commissioneundef
componente della commissionem f noun
discussione della commissioneundef
doppio di commissioneundef
omicidio su commissioneundef
su / per / dietro commissioneundef
commissionedadj USA: kʌ·mɪ'ʃʌ·nd UK: kəmɪʃnd
commissioned officerexp USA: kʌ·mɪ'ʃʌ·nd ɔː'fʌ·səː· UK: kəmɪʃnd ɔfɪsər
commissioned officierexp
commissionernoun USA: kʌ·mɪ'ʃʌ·nəː· UK: kəmɪʃənər
commissioner of policeexp USA: kʌ·mɪ'ʃʌ·nəː· ʌ·v pʌ·liː's UK: kəmɪʃənər ɔv pəliːs
high commissionerexp USA: haɪ' kʌ·mɪ'ʃʌ·nəː· UK: haɪ kəmɪʃənər
police commissionerexp USA: pʌ·liː's kʌ·mɪ'ʃʌ·nəː· UK: pəliːs kəmɪʃənər
first commissioner of worksexp USA: fəː'st kʌ·mɪ'ʃʌ·nəː· ʌ·v wəː'ks UK: fəːst kəmɪʃənər ɔv wəːks
lord high commissionerexp USA: lɔː'rd haɪ' kʌ·mɪ'ʃʌ·nəː· UK: lɔːd haɪ kəmɪʃənər
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