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Request for "árajánlat"

Created by: Anonymous, 2023/09/05 - 18:05
Last modified at: 2023/09/05 - 18:05
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    árajánlat fn
    tender fn te'ndəː· tendər
    Három cég nyújtott be árajánlatot az új kórház építésére.
    Three companies submitted their tenders for the construction of the new hospital.
    quotation fn kwoʊ·teɪ'ʃʌ·n kwoʊteɪʃn
    Több építőcéget is megkerestünk, hogy adjanak árajánlatot a munkára.
    We asked several builders to give a quotaton for the work.
    We asked several builders to give a quotation for the work.
    bid i tsi bɪ'd bɪd
    Adtam egy ezer-fontos árajánlatot arra a festményre.
    I made a bid of 1,000 pounds for that painting.

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