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Request for "dísz"

Created by: Anonymous, 2020/03/19 - 17:04
Last modified at: 2020/03/19 - 17:04
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    dísz fn
    trimming fn trɪ'mɪ·ŋ trɪmɪŋ
    state fn steɪ't steɪt
    Belép a virágáruslány, teljes díszben.
    The flower girl enters in state.
    parade i tni pəː·eɪ'd pəreɪd
    parade i tsi pəː·eɪ'd pəreɪd
    ornament i tsi ɔː'rnʌ·mʌ·nt ɔːnəment
    honour fn ɔnər
    🥔 fn
    honor i ɔ'nəː· ɔnər
    gaiety fn geɪətiː
    decor fn deɪ'kɔː·r deɪkɔː
    adornment fn ʌ·dɔː'rnmʌ·nt ədɔːnmənt

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