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Request for "ember"

Created by: Anonymous, 2013/02/24 - 17:26
Last modified at: 2013/02/24 - 17:26
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    ember fn
    szl wallah fn wɔlə
    walla fn wɔː'lʌ· wɔlə
    soul fn soʊ'l soʊl
    person fn pəː'sʌ·n pəːsn
    human fn
    number fn nʌ'mbəː· nʌmbər
    mortal fn mɔː'rtʌ·l mɔːtl
    man fn mæ'n mæn
    Ember embernek farkasa.
    Man is a wolf to man.
    Ahány ember, annyi vélemény.
    So many men, so many opinions.
    So many men/heads, so many minds/wits.
    man, men fn mæ'n me'n mæn men
    biz fellow fn fe'loʊ· feloʊ
    biz body fn bɔ'diː· bɔdiː
    durva szl bleeder fn bliːdər

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