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Request for "fasz"

Created by: Anonymous, 2020/01/31 - 13:40
Last modified at: 2020/01/31 - 13:40
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    fasz noun
    old prick noun prɪ'k prɪk
    slang poker noun poʊ'kəː· poʊkər
    penis noun piː'nʌ·s piːnɪs
    Fasz noun
    slang pecker noun pekər
    old avenger noun oʊ'ld ʌ·ve'nʤəː· oʊld əvenʤər
    slang offensive needle noun niː'dʌ·l niːdl
    dork noun
    dick noun dɪ'k dɪk
    taboo cock noun kɔ'k kɔk

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    Only editors of this dictionary may resolve this request. If you want to participate, contact the administrators of this dictionary: admin, evirag, Péter Pallinger.


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