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Request for "gyakorol"

Created by: Anonymous, 2017/10/01 - 16:22
Last modified at: 2017/10/01 - 16:22
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    gyakorol i
    train i tni treɪ'n treɪn
    profess i tni prʌ·fe's prəfes
    profess i tsi prʌ·fe's prəfes
    practise i tni præktɪs
    practie i tsi præktɪs
    exert i tsi ɪ·gzəː't ɪgzəːt
    exercise i tsi e'ksəː·saɪ"z eksəsaɪz
    cultivate i tsi kʌ'ltʌ·veɪ"t kʌltɪveɪt

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