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Request for "hang"

Created by: Anonymous, 2018/02/18 - 11:30
Last modified at: 2018/02/18 - 11:30
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    hang noun
    vox, voces noun vɔks voʊsɪz
    voice v trans v vɔɪ's vɔɪs
    tune v intrans v tuː'n tjuːn
    tune v trans v tuː'n tjuːn
    tenor noun te'nəː· tenər
    strain noun streɪ'n streɪn
    Csak messziről hallatszott egy fuvola hangja.
    Only the distant strains of a flute could be heard.
    speech noun spiː'tʃ spiːtʃ
    sound v intrans v saʊ'nd saʊnd
    sonic adj sɔ'nɪ·k sɔnɪk
    note noun noʊ't noʊt
    Az óra cérnavékony, csengő hangon ütni kezdett.
    Then the clock began to strike, little tinkling notes.

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