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Request for "kirakat"

Created by: Anonymous, 2013/03/02 - 18:17
Last modified at: 2013/03/02 - 18:17
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    kirakat fn
    storefront fn stɔː'rfrɔ"nt stɔːrfrʌnt
    store window fn stɔː'r wɪ'ndoʊ· stɔːr wɪndoʊ
    show-window fn
    shopwindow fn ʃɔpwɪndoʊ
    shop-window fn ʃɔpwɪndoʊ
    setout fn setaʊt
    exhibition fn e"ksʌ·bɪ'ʃʌ·n eksɪbɪʃn
    exhibition case kif e"ksʌ·bɪ'ʃʌ·n keɪ's eksɪbɪʃn keɪs
    display window fn dɪ"spleɪ' wɪ'ndoʊ· dɪspleɪ wɪndoʊ
    display case fn dɪ"spleɪ' keɪ's dɪspleɪ keɪs
    case noun keɪ's keɪs
    Erre az esetre különösen jól emlékszem, mert valami törpe fogta el.
    I particularly recollect his case, from his being took by a dwarf.

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