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Request for "menet"

Created by: Anonymous, 2017/06/19 - 12:38
Last modified at: 2017/06/19 - 12:38
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    menet fn
    wind fn wɪ'nd wɪnd
    walk fn wɔː'k wɔːk
    gép műsz
    thread fn træ'vʌ·l trævl
    round fn raʊ'nd raʊnd
    procession i tsi proʊ·se'ʃʌ·n prəseʃn
    march i tni mɔ'rtʃ mɑtʃ
    fall fn fɔ'l fɔːl
    drift fn drɪ'ft drɪft
    course fn kɔː'rs kɔːs
    Gondolatainak egész menete mintha hirtelen elakadt, és más irányba fordult volna.
    The whole course of her thoughts appeared to stop, and change.
    bout fn baʊ't baʊt

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