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Request for "mód"

Created by: Anonymous, 2022/04/11 - 17:34
Last modified at: 2022/04/11 - 17:34
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    mód (magyar) kind (angol)


    mód fn
    wise fn waɪ'z waɪz
    way fn weɪ' weɪ
    style fn staɪ'l staɪl
    sort fn sɔː'rt sɔːt
    power fn paʊ'əː· paʊər
    modus, modi fn moʊ'dʌ·s moʊ'diː·
    mode fn moʊ'd moʊd
    method fn me'θʌ·d meθəd
    manner fn mæ'nəː· mænər
    A Bizottság a döntésről megfelelő módon tájékoztatja a tagállamokat.
    The Commission shall inform the Member States of the decision in an appropriate manner.
    fashion fn fæ'ʃʌ·n fæʃn

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