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Request for "műszaki"

Created by: Anonymous, 2012/10/25 - 08:31
Last modified at: 2012/10/25 - 08:31
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    in a shape program for the multiple repetitive canned rough-cutting cycle ,the command for the first plane axis was a not monotonous increase or decrease
    technological mn te"knʌ·lɔ'ʤɪ·kʌ·l teknəlɔʤɪkl
    technologic mn te"knʌ·lɔ'ʤɪ·k teknəlɔʤɪk
    technician fn te·knɪ'ʃʌ·n teknɪʃn
    technical mn te'knɪ·kʌ·l teknɪkl
    polytechnic fn pɔ"liː·te'knɪ·k pɔlɪteknɪk
    poly ik pɔ'liː· pɔliː
    engineering fn e"nʤʌ·nɪ'rɪ·ŋ enʤɪnɪərɪŋ

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