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Request for "ősz"

Created by: Anonymous, 2013/06/10 - 15:39
Last modified at: 2013/06/10 - 15:39
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    ősz i
    white i tsi hwaɪ't waɪt
    hoary mn hɔː'riː· hɔːriː
    hoar fn hɔː'r hɔːr
    grizzled mn grɪ'zʌ·ld grɪzld
    grey i tsi greɪ' greɪ
    átv frosted mn frɔː'stʌ·d frɔstɪd
    US fall fn fɔ'l fɔːl
    Jövő ősszel kezdi az iskolát.
    Next fall he'll be starting school.
    autumn mn ɔː'tʌ·m ɔːtəm
    Mint évszak i

    How to proceed?

    Only editors of this dictionary may resolve this request. If you want to participate, contact the administrators of this dictionary: admin, evirag, Péter Pallinger.


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