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Request for "ritka"

Created by: Anonymous, 2018/03/30 - 14:10
Last modified at: 2018/03/30 - 14:10
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    ritka mn
    unwonted mn ʌnwoʊntɪd
    thin mn θɪ'n θɪn
    tenuous mn te'nyʌ·wʌ·s tenjʊəs
    straggling mn stræglɪŋ
    sparse mn spɔ'rs spɑs
    singular mn sɪ'ŋgyʌ·ləː· sɪŋgjʊlər
    scarce mn ske'rs skeəs
    rare mn re'r reər
    A szomszédok feldúlták a kertet és elhurcolták a ritka virágokat.
    The neighbors devastated the garden and pillaged the rare flowers.
    loose mn luː's luːs
    ,c mn ɪ"nfriː'kwʌ·nt ɪnfriːkwənt
    fine mn faɪ'n faɪn
    far-between mn
    extraordinary mn e"kstrʌ·ɔː'rdʌ·ne"riː· ɪkstrɔːdnriː

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