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Request for "sor"

Created by: Anonymous, 2021/02/16 - 22:05
Last modified at: 2021/02/16 - 22:05
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    sor fn
    büdi fn treɪ'n treɪn
    tier fn tiː'r tɪər
    string fn strɪ'ŋ strɪŋ
    A földeken hosszú sorban jöttek a szekerek.
    A string of carts was moving across the land.
    series fn fn sɪ'riː·z sɪəriːz
    row fn roʊ' roʊ
    rope fn roʊ'p roʊp
    rank i tsi ræ'ŋk ræŋk
    range i tsi reɪ'nʤ reɪnʤ
    A házsor amely mellett éppen haladt, a házra emlékeztette melyben felnőtt.
    The range of buildings he was walking by reminded him of the house where he grew up.
    queue i tsi kyuː' kjuː
    line i tsi laɪ'n laɪn
    Kilóg a sorból.
    He steps out of the line.
    A sorok között olvas.
    He reads between the lines.
    file i tsi faɪ'l faɪl
    bed fn be'd bed
    array i tsi əː·eɪ' əreɪ

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