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Request for "szelíd"

Created by: Anonymous, 2019/11/26 - 01:22
Last modified at: 2019/11/26 - 01:22
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    szelíd mn
    tender-minded mn
    tame i tni teɪ'm teɪm
    tame i tsi teɪ'm teɪm
    sweet mn swiː't swiːt
    sweet-tempered mn
    US subdued mn sʌ·bduː'd səbdjuːd
    quiet mn kwaɪ'ʌ·t kwaɪət
    placid mn plæ'sʌ·d plæsɪd
    mild mn maɪ'ld maɪld
    meek mn miː'k miːk
    light fn laɪ't laɪt
    lenient mn liː'nyʌ·nt liːnɪənt
    gentle mn ʤe'nʌ·l ʤentl
    iron bland mn blæ'nd blænd
    US biddable mn bɪdəbl
    benign mn bʌ·naɪ'n bɪnaɪn
    empathic mn

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