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Request for "tájékoztatás"

Created by: Anonymous, 2013/03/28 - 12:35
Last modified at: 2013/03/28 - 12:35
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    2 more drop votes needed to cancel this request.


    tájékoztatás fn
    reference fn re'frʌ·ns refrəns
    átv orientation fn ɔː"riː·e·nteɪ'ʃʌ·n ɔːrɪenteɪʃn
    US line fn laɪ'n laɪn
    information fn ɪ"nfɔː'rmeɪ'ʃʌ·n ɪnfəmeɪʃn
    brief fn briː'f briːf
    Az üzenet éppoly kurta volt, mint amilyen semmitmondó.
    The message was as brief as it was unhelpful.

    How to proceed?

    Only editors of this dictionary may resolve this request. If you want to participate, contact the administrators of this dictionary: admin, evirag, Péter Pallinger.


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