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Request for "vége van"

Created by: ille st louis, 2014/09/29 - 00:12
Last modified at: 2014/09/29 - 00:12
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    Are you sure anglophones say 'he's a gone coon'? Where


    vége van kif
    it's all over kif ʌ·ts ɔː'l oʊ'vəː· ɪts ɔːl oʊvər
    his number is up kif hʌ·z nʌ'mbəː· ʌ·z ʌ'p hɪz nʌmbər ɪz ʌp
    he's dead and done for kif
    he is a gone coon kif hiː' ʌ·z eɪ' gɔː'n kuː'n hiː ɪz eɪ gɔn kuːn
    be up i tni biː· ʌ'p biː ʌp
    be over i tni biː· oʊ'vəː· biː oʊvər
    be off i tni biː· ɔː'f biː ɔf
    all / it's - over kif ɔː'l ʌ·ts oʊ'vəː· ɔːl ɪts oʊvər

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