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Request for "vékony"

Created by: Anonymous, 2014/05/19 - 17:57
Last modified at: 2014/05/19 - 17:57
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    szarni jó ;)


    vékony mn
    wispy mn wɪ'spiː· wɪspiː
    thin (I love it) i tni θɪ'n θɪn
    átv tenuous mn te'nyʌ·wʌ·s tenjʊəs
    slim mn slɪ'm slɪm
    slight mn slaɪ't slaɪt
    sleazy mn sliː'ziː· sliːziː
    sheer mn ʃɪ'r ʃɪər
    shallow mn ʃæ'loʊ· ʃæloʊ
    lank mn læ'ŋk læŋk
    flimsy fn flɪ'mziː· flɪmziː
    fine fn faɪ'n faɪn

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