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Request for "vereség"

Created by: Anonymous, 2019/03/20 - 20:22
Last modified at: 2019/03/20 - 20:22
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    2 more drop votes needed to cancel this request.


    Hős fn
    biz whipping fn hwɪ'pɪ·ŋ wɪpɪŋ
    thrashing fn θræ'ʃɪ·ŋ θræʃɪŋ
    overthrow fn oʊ'vəː·θroʊ" oʊvəθroʊ
    defeat fn dʌ·fiː't dɪfiːt
    beating fn biː'tɪ·ŋ biːtɪŋ

    How to proceed?

    Only editors of this dictionary may resolve this request. If you want to participate, contact the administrators of this dictionary: admin, evirag, Péter Pallinger.


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