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hány óra van?exp
    1. what time is it?
      USA: hwʌ't taɪ'm ʌ·z ʌ·t UK: wɔt taɪm ɪz ɪt
    1. what is the time?
      USA: hwʌ't ʌ·z ðiː· taɪ'm UK: wɔt ɪz ðiː taɪm
    1. time / what - is it?
      USA: taɪ'm hwʌ't ʌ·z ʌ·t UK: taɪm wɔt ɪz ɪt
    1. how goes the time?
      USA: haʊ' goʊ'z ðiː· taɪ'm UK: haʊ goʊz ðiː taɪm
    1. how goes the enemy?
      USA: haʊ' goʊ'z ðiː· e'nʌ·miː· UK: haʊ goʊz ðiː enəmiː
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