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street muggingexp USA: striː't mʌ'gɪ·ŋ UK: striːt mʌgɪŋ
street numberexp USA: striː't nʌ'mbəː· UK: striːt nʌmbər
street orderlynoun USA: striː't ɔː'rdəː·liː· UK: striːt ɔːdəliː
street signexp USA: striː't saɪ'n UK: striːt saɪn
street sweepernoun USA: striː't swiː'pəː· UK: striːt swiːpər
street urchinnoun USA: striː't əː'tʃʌ·n UK: striːt əːtʃɪn
street-walkernoun UK: striːtwɔːkər
Carey Streetnoun USA: ke'riː· striː't
civvy streetnoun UK: sɪviː striːt
high streetnoun USA: haɪ' striː't UK: haɪ striːt
multi-lane streetexp
one-way streetexp
play streetnoun USA: pleɪ' striː't UK: pleɪ striːt
side streetnoun USA: saɪ'd striː't UK: saɪd striːt
through streetnoun USA: θruː' striː't UK: θruː striːt
two-way streetnoun
hydrant street boxexp USA: haɪ'drʌ·nt striː't bɔ'ks UK: haɪdrənt striːt bɔks
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