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Submitted requests and user suggestions help to nurture a vivid community and enrich the vocabulary of the dictionaries. Anyone can submit requests for missing words or suggest corrections for existing ones. These requests will be processed by the dictionary editors, the enhanced vocabulary will become part of future search results. If you want to take part in this process, join the dictionary and become an editor. To do so, you will need to register or log in to SZTAKI Szótár here.

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Nagy SándorModifyAnonymous2019/07/09 - 20:14
Holnap délbenInsertAnonymous2019/06/15 - 19:50
Olasz-magyarInsertAnonymous2019/05/12 - 13:47
Fizetös strandInsertAnonymous2019/05/10 - 08:59
SziklapárkányInsertAnonymous2019/05/05 - 17:20
részletesenInsertAnonymous2019/05/04 - 14:07
estebédModifyAnonymous2019/04/23 - 15:25
JóreggeltInsertAnonymous2019/04/05 - 08:04
metadonInsertAnonymous2019/04/01 - 17:22
nota beneInsertAnonymous2019/03/31 - 16:44
Üdvözlet OlaszországbanInsertAnonymous2019/03/29 - 21:36
szempillaspirálInsertAnonymous2019/03/21 - 18:501
államiságInsertAnonymous2019/03/18 - 12:43
apát kérjük a nagyszobábaInsertAnonymous2019/03/17 - 19:44
majd meghalok a vágytól, hogy láthassalakModifyAnonymous2019/03/16 - 16:39

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