matches in the
wepron USA: wiː' UK: wiː
we areexp USA: wiː' əː· UK: wiː ɑr
we are evenexp USA: wiː' əː· iː'vʌ·n UK: wiː ɑr iːvn
we are in the same lineexp USA: wiː' əː· ɪ'n ðiː· seɪ'm laɪ'n UK: wiː ɑr ɪn ðiː seɪm laɪn
we are now square!exp USA: wiː' əː· naʊ' skwe'r UK: wiː ɑr naʊ skweər
we are thereexp USA: wiː' əː· ðe'r UK: wiː ɑr ðeər
we made poor goingexp USA: wiː' meɪ'd pʊ'r goʊ'ʌ·n UK: wiː meɪd pʊər goʊɪŋ
we make a living out of itexp USA: wiː' meɪ'k eɪ' lɪ'vɪ·ŋ aʊ't ʌ·v ʌ·t UK: wiː meɪk eɪ lɪvɪŋ aʊt ɔv ɪt
we must bung in a love sceneexp USA: wiː' mʌ'st bʌ'ŋ ɪ'n eɪ' lʌ'v siː'n UK: wiː mʌst bʌŋ ɪn eɪ lʌv siːn
we reap as we sowexp USA: wiː' riː'p e'z wiː' soʊ' UK: wiː riːp əz wiː soʊ
we used to play bridgeexp USA: wiː' yuː'zd tʌ· pleɪ' brɪ'ʤ UK: wiː juːzd tuː pleɪ brɪʤ
weak formexp USA: wiː'k fɔː'rm UK: wiːk fɔːm
weak in the headexp USA: wiː'k ɪ'n ðiː· he'd UK: wiːk ɪn ðiː hed
weak pointnoun USA: wiː'k pɔɪ'nt UK: wiːk pɔɪnt
weak pointexp USA: wiː'k pɔɪ'nt UK: wiːk pɔɪnt
weak spot of syexp USA: wiː'k spɔ't ʌ·v saɪ'
weakenv trans v USA: wiː'kʌ·n UK: wiːkən
weakenv intrans v USA: wiː'kʌ·n UK: wiːkən
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