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diabetesnoun USA: daɪ"ʌ·biː'tiː·z UK: daɪəbiːtɪz
diabeticnoun USA: daɪ"ʌ·be'tɪ·k UK: daɪəbetɪk
diabetic breadexp USA: daɪ"ʌ·be'tɪ·k bre'd UK: daɪəbetɪk bred
diabolicadj UK: daɪəbɔlɪk
diabolicaladj USA: daɪ"ʌ·bɔ'lɪ·kʌ·l UK: daɪəbɔlɪkl
diacriticnoun USA: daɪ"ʌ·krɪ'tʌ·k UK: daɪəkrɪtɪk
diacriticaladj USA: daɪ"ʌ·krɪ'tʌ·kʌ·l UK: daɪəkrɪtɪkəl
diademnoun USA: daɪ'ʌ·de"m UK: daɪədem
diagnosev trans v USA: daɪ"ʌ·gnoʊ's UK: daɪəgnoʊz
diagnosev trans v USA: daɪ"ʌ·gnoʊ's UK: daɪəgnoʊz
diagnosisnoun USA: daɪ"ʌ·gnoʊ'sʌ·s UK: daɪəgnoʊsɪs
diagnosis, diagnosesnoun USA: daɪ"ʌ·gnoʊ'sʌ·s daɪ"ʌ·gnoʊ'siː·z UK: daɪəgnoʊsɪs daɪəgnoʊzɪz
diagnosticadj USA: daɪ"ʌ·gnɔ'stɪ·k UK: daɪəgnɔstɪk
diagnosticiannoun UK: daɪəgnɔstɪʃən
diagnosticsnoun noun USA: daɪ"ʌ·gnɔ'stɪ·ks UK: daɪəgnɔstɪks
diagonalnoun USA: daɪ·æ'gʌ·nʌ·l UK: daɪægənl
diagonaladj USA: daɪ·æ'gʌ·nʌ·l UK: daɪægənl
diagonallyadv USA: daɪ·æ'gʌ·nʌ·liː· UK: daɪægənəliː
diagramnoun USA: daɪ'ʌ·græ"m UK: daɪəgræm
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