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muchnoun USA: mʌ'tʃ UK: mʌtʃ
muchadj USA: mʌ'tʃ UK: mʌtʃ
muchadv USA: mʌ'tʃ UK: mʌtʃ
much ado about nothingexp USA: mʌ'tʃ ʌ·duː' ʌ·baʊ't nʌ'θɪ·ŋ UK: mʌtʃ əduː əbaʊt nʌθɪŋ
much asexp USA: mʌ'tʃ e'z UK: mʌtʃ əz
much betterexp USA: mʌ'tʃ be'təː· UK: mʌtʃ betər
much calledexp USA: mʌ'tʃ kɔː'ld UK: mʌtʃ kɔːld
much in demandexp USA: mʌ'tʃ ɪ'n dɪ"mæ'nd UK: mʌtʃ ɪn dɪmɑnd
much lessexp USA: mʌ'tʃ le's UK: mʌtʃ les
much less could i goexp USA: mʌ'tʃ le's kʊ'd aɪ' goʊ' UK: mʌtʃ les kʊd aɪ goʊ
much longerexp USA: mʌ'tʃ lɔː'ŋgəː· UK: mʌtʃ lɔŋgər
much lovedadj USA: mʌ'tʃ lʌ'vd UK: mʌtʃ lʌvd
much / more / mostexp USA: mʌ'tʃ mɔː'r moʊ's UK: mʌtʃ mɔːr moʊst
much of a muchnessexp UK: mʌtʃ ɔv eɪ mʌtʃnəs
much of stexp USA: mʌ'tʃ ʌ·v seɪ'nt
much sought afterexp USA: mʌ'tʃ sɔː't æ'ftəː· UK: mʌtʃ sɔːt ɑftər
muchnessnoun UK: mʌtʃnəs
mucilagenoun UK: mjuːsɪlɪʤ
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