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maid of all workexp USA: meɪ'd ʌ·v ɔː'l wəː'k UK: meɪd ɔv ɔːl wəːk
maid of honorexp USA: meɪ'd ʌ·v ɔ'nəː· UK: meɪd ɔv ɔnər
maid of honourexp UK: meɪd ɔv ɔnər
maidennoun USA: meɪ'dʌ·n UK: meɪdn
maidenadj USA: meɪ'dʌ·n UK: meɪdn
maiden nameexp USA: meɪ'dʌ·n neɪ'm UK: meɪdn neɪm
maiden speechexp USA: meɪ'dʌ·n spiː'tʃ UK: meɪdn spiːtʃ
maidenhairnoun UK: meɪdnheər
maidenhoodnoun UK: meɪdnhʊd
maidenlikeadj UK: meɪdnlaɪk
maidenlyadv UK: meɪdnliː
maid-servantnoun UK: meɪdsəːvnt
maidservantnoun UK: meɪdsəːvnt
mailnoun USA: meɪ'l UK: meɪl
mailnoun USA: meɪ'l UK: meɪl
mailv trans v USA: meɪ'l UK: meɪl
mail bagnoun USA: meɪ'l bæ'g UK: meɪl bæg
mail boxnoun USA: meɪ'l bɔ'ks UK: meɪl bɔks
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