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losev USA: luː'z UK: luːz
losev USA: luː'z UK: luːz
lose byexp USA: luː'z baɪ' UK: luːz baɪ
lose countexp USA: luː'z kaʊ'nt UK: luːz kaʊnt
lose count ofexp USA: luː'z kaʊ'nt ʌ·v UK: luːz kaʊnt ɔv
lose count of timeexp USA: luː'z kaʊ'nt ʌ·v taɪ'm UK: luːz kaʊnt ɔv taɪm
lose courageexp USA: luː'z kəː'ʌ·ʤ UK: luːz kʌrɪʤ
lose faceexp USA: luː'z feɪ's UK: luːz feɪs
lose fleshexp USA: luː'z fle'ʃ UK: luːz fleʃ
lose groundexp USA: luː'z graʊ'nd UK: luːz graʊnd
lose /heads i win tails you -exp USA: luː'z he'dz aɪ' wɪ'n teɪ'lz yuː' UK: luːz hedz aɪ wɪn teɪlz juː
lose heartexp USA: luː'z hɔ'rt UK: luːz hɑt
lose heavilyexp USA: luː'z he'vʌ·liː· UK: luːz hevɪliː
lose interestexp USA: luː'z ɪ'ntəː·ʌ·st UK: luːz ɪntrəst
lose interest in sgv
lose its' gripv USA: luː'z ʌ·ts grɪ'p UK: luːz ɪts grɪp
lose, lostv USA: luː'z lɔː'st UK: luːz lɔst
lose , lost , lostexp USA: luː'z lɔː'st lɔː'st UK: luːz lɔst lɔst
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