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youpron USA: yuː' UK: juː
you all come by and see usexp USA: yuː' ɔː'l kʌ'm baɪ' ʌ·nd siː' yuː'e's UK: juː ɔːl kʌm baɪ ənd siː ʌz
you areexp USA: yuː' əː· UK: juː ɑr
you are all adriftexp USA: yuː' əː· ɔː'l ʌ·drɪ'ft UK: juː ɑr ɔːl ədrɪft
you are dead rightexp USA: yuː' əː· de'd raɪ't UK: juː ɑr ded raɪt
you are dead wrongexp USA: yuː' əː· de'd rɔː'ŋ UK: juː ɑr ded rɔŋ
you are for itexp USA: yuː' əː· frəː· ʌ·t UK: juː ɑr fəː ɪt
you are free to do soexp USA: yuː' əː· friː' tʌ· duː' soʊ' UK: juː ɑr friː tuː duː soʊ
you are here!interj USA: yuː' əː· hɪ'r UK: juː ɑr hɪər
you are here!exp USA: yuː' əː· hɪ'r UK: juː ɑr hɪər
you are in for itexp USA: yuː' əː· ɪ'n frəː· ʌ·t UK: juː ɑr ɪn fəː ɪt
you are off on that pointexp USA: yuː' əː· ɔː'f ɔ'n ðʌ·t pɔɪ'nt UK: juː ɑr ɔf ɔn ðət pɔɪnt
you are quite a strangerexp USA: yuː' əː· kwaɪ't eɪ' streɪ'nʤəː· UK: juː ɑr kwaɪt eɪ streɪnʤər
you are rightexp USA: yuː' əː· raɪ't UK: juː ɑr raɪt
you are throughexp USA: yuː' əː· θruː' UK: juː ɑr θruː
you are wantedexp USA: yuː' əː· wɔː'nʌ·d UK: juː ɑr wɔntɪd
you are welcome to itexp USA: yuː' əː· we'lkʌ·m tʌ· ʌ·t UK: juː ɑr welkəm tuː ɪt
you asked for it!exp USA: yuː' ɔː'skt frəː· ʌ·t UK: juː ɑskt fəː ɪt
you bally fool!exp USA: yuː' beɪ'liː· fuː'l UK: juː bæliː fuːl
you betexp USA: yuː' be't UK: juː bet
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