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anticipatev trans v USA: æ·ntɪ'sʌ·peɪ"t UK: æntɪsɪpeɪt
    1. Did you anticipate the accident which has happened to Valentine?
        1. Előre látta, hogy Valentine-t baleset fogja érni?
anticipate a surpriseexp USA: æ·ntɪ'sʌ·peɪ"t eɪ' sʌ·praɪ'z UK: æntɪsɪpeɪt eɪ səpraɪz
anticipatedv USA: æ·ntɪ'sʌ·peɪ"tʌ·d UK: æntɪsɪpeɪtɪd
anticipatedadj USA: æ·ntɪ'sʌ·peɪ"tʌ·d UK: æntɪsɪpeɪtɪd
anticipate one's incomeexp USA: æ·ntɪ'sʌ·peɪ"t wʌ'nz ɪ'nkʌ"m UK: æntɪsɪpeɪt wʌnz ɪŋkʌm
anticipate paymentexp USA: æ·ntɪ'sʌ·peɪ"t peɪ'mʌ·nt UK: æntɪsɪpeɪt peɪmənt
anticipated average lifeundef
anticipated bonusundef
anticipated paymentundef
anticipated priceundef
anticipated redemptionundef
anticipated requirementundef
elezioni anticipatef noun
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