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as ifexp USA: e'z ʌ·f UK: əz ɪf
feel as ifv USA: fiː'l e'z ʌ·f UK: fiːl əz ɪf
make as ifv USA: meɪ'k e'z ʌ·f UK: meɪk əz ɪf
he looks as ifexp USA: hiː' lʊ'ks e'z ʌ·f UK: hiː lʊks əz ɪf
you sound as ifexp USA: yuː' saʊ'nd e'z ʌ·f UK: juː saʊnd əz ɪf
it looks to me as ifexp USA: ʌ·t lʊ'ks tʌ· miː' e'z ʌ·f UK: ɪt lʊks tuː miː əz ɪf
ask if he comeexp USA: æ'sk ʌ·f hiː' kʌ'm UK: æsk ɪf hiː kʌm
as ifundef
as if by magicundef
as if stung by an adderundef
She looks as if butter wouldn't melt in her mouth.undef
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