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be insistent that sg shall be donev
be in sore needexp USA: biː· ɪ'n sɔː'r niː'd UK: biː ɪn sɔːr niːd
be in sore need of sgv
be in stepexp USA: biː· ɪ'n ste'p UK: biː ɪn step
be in sy's confidencev
be in sy's good bookv
be in tearsexp USA: biː· ɪ'n tɪ'rz UK: biː ɪn tɪəz
be intent onv USA: biː· ɪ"nte'nt ɔ'n UK: biː ɪntent ɔn
be in terror one's liveexp USA: biː· ɪ'n te'rəː· wʌ'nz lɪ'v UK: biː ɪn terər wʌnz lɪv
be in the about itexp USA: biː· ɪ'n ðiː· ʌ·baʊ't ʌ·t UK: biː ɪn ðiː əbaʊt ɪt
be in the balanceexp USA: biː· ɪ'n ðiː· bæ'lʌ·ns UK: biː ɪn ðiː bæləns
be in the blackv USA: biː· ɪ'n ðiː· blæ'k UK: biː ɪn ðiː blæk
be in the cartexp USA: biː· ɪ'n ðiː· kɔ'rt UK: biː ɪn ðiː kɑt
be in the chairv USA: biː· ɪ'n ðiː· tʃe'r UK: biː ɪn ðiː tʃeər
be in the charge of syv USA: biː· ɪ'n ðiː· tʃɔ'rʤ ʌ·v saɪ'
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