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blood pressurenoun USA: blʌ'd pre'ʃəː· UK: blʌd preʃər
blood pressure gaugeexp USA: blʌ'd pre'ʃəː· geɪ'ʤ UK: blʌd preʃər geɪʤ
high blood pressureexp USA: haɪ' blʌ'd pre'ʃəː· UK: haɪ blʌd preʃər
pressure / blood -noun USA: pre'ʃəː· blʌ'd UK: preʃər blʌd
pressure / high blood -noun USA: pre'ʃəː· haɪ' blʌ'd UK: preʃər haɪ blʌd
blood pressureundef
high blood pressureundef
have high blood pressureundef
taking the blood pressureundef
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