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cleanv intrans v USA: kliː'n UK: kliːn
cleanv trans v USA: kliː'n UK: kliːn
cleanadv USA: kliː'n UK: kliːn
  1. informal
clean and jerkexp USA: kliː'n ʌ·nd ʤəː'k UK: kliːn ənd ʤəːk
clean downv trans v USA: kliː'n daʊ'n UK: kliːn daʊn
clean outv trans v USA: kliː'n aʊ't UK: kliːn aʊt
clean recordexp USA: kliː'n re'kəː·d UK: kliːn rɪkɔːd
clean sheetexp USA: kliː'n ʃiː't UK: kliːn ʃiːt
clean slateexp USA: kliː'n sleɪ't UK: kliːn sleɪt
clean upv intrans v USA: kliː'n ʌ'p UK: kliːn ʌp
clean upv trans v USA: kliː'n ʌ'p UK: kliːn ʌp
cleanernoun USA: kliː'nəː· UK: kliːnər
cleaner rollerexp USA: kliː'nəː· roʊ'ləː· UK: kliːnər roʊlər
cleanersnoun USA: kliː'nəː·z UK: kliːnəz
cleaner'snoun USA: kliː'nəː·z UK: kliːnəz
cleaningnoun USA: kliː'nɪ·ŋ UK: kliːnɪŋ
cleaning ladynoun USA: kliː'nɪ·ŋ leɪ'diː· UK: kliːnɪŋ leɪdiː
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