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displacev trans v USA: dɪ"spleɪ's UK: dɪspleɪs
displacedadj USA: dɪ"spleɪ'st UK: dɪspleɪst
displacementnoun USA: dɪ"spleɪ'smʌ·nt UK: dɪspleɪsmənt
displacement tonnoun USA: dɪ"spleɪ'smʌ·nt tʌ'n UK: dɪspleɪsmənt tʌn
gross displacementexp USA: groʊ's dɪ"spleɪ'smʌ·nt UK: groʊs dɪspleɪsmənt
piston displacementnoun USA: pɪ'stʌ·n dɪ"spleɪ'smʌ·nt UK: pɪstən dɪspleɪsmənt
spring displacement, spring distanceexp USA: spəː·ɪ'ŋ dɪ"spleɪ'smʌ·nt spəː·ɪ'ŋ dɪ'stʌ·ns UK: sprɪŋ dɪspleɪsmənt sprɪŋ dɪstəns
displaced person (DP)undef
displacement addressundef
displacement lawundef
displacement measurementundef
displacement measurementsundef
displacement of pistonundef
measured displacementundef
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