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elszámol vkivelv
    1. square up with sy
      USA: skwe'r ʌ'p wʌ·ð saɪ'
    1. reckon with
      USA: re'kʌ·n wʌ·ð UK: rekən wɪð
    1. quit scores with sy
      USA: kwɪ't skɔː'rz wʌ·ð saɪ'
    1. get square with sy
      USA: gɪ't skwe'r wʌ·ð saɪ'
elszámolnivalója van vkivelexp
    1. have a bone to pick with sy
      USA: hæ'v eɪ' boʊ'n tʌ· pɪ'k wʌ·ð saɪ'
elszámol vkivelundef
  1. fenyegetően is
    1. fare i conti
      akivel: con
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