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freightnoun USA: freɪ't UK: freɪt
freightnoun USA: freɪ't UK: freɪt
freightv trans v USA: freɪ't UK: freɪt
freightagenoun UK: freɪtɪʤ
freight carnoun USA: freɪ't kɔ'r UK: freɪt kɑr
freight depotnoun USA: freɪ't diː'poʊ· UK: freɪt depoʊ
freighternoun USA: freɪ'təː· UK: freɪtər
freight tonexp USA: freɪ't tʌ'n UK: freɪt tʌn
freight trainnoun USA: freɪ't treɪ'n UK: freɪt treɪn
freight-yardnoun UK: freɪtjɑd
dead freightexp USA: de'd freɪ't UK: ded freɪt
bill of freightnoun USA: bɪ'l ʌ·v freɪ't UK: bɪl ɔv freɪt
rate of freightexp USA: reɪ't ʌ·v freɪ't UK: reɪt ɔv freɪt
freight capacityundef
freight carundef
freight chargesundef
freight costsundef
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