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give wayexp USA: gɪ'v weɪ' UK: gɪv weɪ
give way to despairexp USA: gɪ'v weɪ' tʌ· dɪ"spe'r UK: gɪv weɪ tuː dɪspeər
stop! and give wayexp USA: stɔ'p ʌ·nd gɪ'v weɪ' UK: stɔp ənd gɪv weɪ
i am not given that wayexp USA: aɪ' eɪ'e'm nɔ't gɪ'vʌ·n ðʌ·t weɪ' UK: aɪ æm nɔt gɪvn ðət weɪ
gives the right-of wayexp
give wayundef
I don't give a hoot one way or the other.undef
given wayundef
gives wayundef
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