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home / at -exp USA: hoʊ'm æ't UK: hoʊm ət
at homeexp USA: æ't hoʊ'm UK: ət hoʊm
be at homev USA: biː· æ't hoʊ'm UK: biː ət hoʊm
feel at home inexp USA: fiː'l æ't hoʊ'm ɪ'n UK: fiːl ət hoʊm ɪn
be at home inexp USA: biː· æ't hoʊ'm ɪ'n UK: biː ət hoʊm ɪn
a lion at home a mouse abroadexp USA: eɪ' laɪ'ʌ·n æ't hoʊ'm eɪ' maʊ's ʌ·brɔː'd UK: eɪ laɪən ət hoʊm eɪ maʊs əbrɔːd
make oneself at homeexp USA: meɪ'k wʌ"nse'lf æ't hoʊ'm UK: meɪk wʌnself ət hoʊm
feel oneself at homev USA: fiː'l wʌ"nse'lf æ't hoʊ'm UK: fiːl wʌnself ət hoʊm
feel at home in sgv
stay at homeexp USA: steɪ' æ't hoʊ'm UK: steɪ ət hoʊm
be `not at home' toexp USA: biː· nɔ't æ't hoʊ'm tʌ· UK: biː nɔt ət hoʊm tuː
make yourself at home!exp USA: meɪ'k yɔː'rse·lf æ't hoʊ'm UK: meɪk jɔːself ət hoʊm
Charity begins at home.undef
at home dayundef
stay at homeundef
make yourself at home!undef
Make yourself at home.undef
átlagos hőmérsékletundef
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