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introductionnoun USA: ɪ"ntroʊ·dʌ'kʃʌ·n UK: ɪntrədʌkʃn
letter of introductionexp USA: le'təː· ʌ·v ɪ"ntroʊ·dʌ'kʃʌ·n UK: letər ɔv ɪntrədʌkʃn
by way of introductionexp USA: baɪ' weɪ' ʌ·v ɪ"ntroʊ·dʌ'kʃʌ·n UK: baɪ weɪ ɔv ɪntrədʌkʃn
f introductionnoun
introduction en bourseexp
introduction de plantes
introduction d’animauxnoun
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