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limitedadj USA: lɪ'mʌ·tʌ·d UK: lɪmɪtɪd
limited companynoun USA: lɪ'mʌ·tʌ·d kʌ'mpʌ·niː· UK: lɪmɪtɪd kʌmpəniː
limited editionexp USA: lɪ'mʌ·tʌ·d ʌ·dɪ'ʃʌ·n UK: lɪmɪtɪd ɪdɪʃn
limited liability companyexp USA: lɪ'mʌ·tʌ·d laɪ"ʌ·bɪ'lʌ·tiː· kʌ'mpʌ·niː· UK: lɪmɪtɪd laɪəbɪlɪtiː kʌmpəniː
limited monarchyexp USA: lɪ'mʌ·tʌ·d mɔ'nɔ·rkiː· UK: lɪmɪtɪd mɔnəkiː
be limitedv USA: biː· lɪ'mʌ·tʌ·d UK: biː lɪmɪtɪd
Public Limited Company (PLC.)noun
limited editionundef
limited partnerundef
limited partnershipundef
more limitedundef
most limitedundef
Public Limited Company (PLC)undef
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